Climate change and extreme weather events: is Europe ready?

RAIN Projet quantified the complex interactions between weather events and land based infrastructure systems.

The output of RAIN aided decision making in the long term, securing new robust infrastructure development and protection of existing infrastructure against climate change and increasingly more unpredictable weather patterns.

Transport, energy and telecommunications infrastructure were be considered and risk mitigation strategies were developed.

This was achieved through developing an operational analysis framework which considers the impact of individual hazards on specific infrastructure systems and the coupled interdependencies of critical infrastructure through robust risk and uncertainty modelling.

Hellenberg International has two decades success record in the investment risk assessment and assisting public and private entities in critical infrastructure protection and related projects.

Securing vital functions of society by investing on critical infrastructures forms the core area of our expertise.

Our senior team has been contracted by the European Commission (DG Home Affairs, DG Enterprise, DG Environment), the United Nations, several governmental agencies and other regional organizations. We have worked with major European corporations such as SAAB, Airbus, Finnair Plc and Siemens.